How to Gain Energy Independence with Solar Panels

How to Gain Energy Independence with Solar Panels

TIRANA, January 7

Both residential and commercial consumers of electricity in Albania have the right to gain energy independence through the use of solar panels. According to the Albanian Power Distribution Operator (OSHEE), those consumers must install a bi-directional electricity meter.

The device will measure the amount of electric energy consumed by the residence or business and the amount of solar power that the subject will push out to the grid.
Meanwhile, OSHEE defined the technical criteria for the electric meters to comply with the existing system. Therefore, besides the IEC and ISO standards, the devices must comply with the smart meters communication distance conforming to OSHEE’s platforms.

The life span of the utility meters has must be over 15 years and the data on charged power and demand for electricity must be kept for at least 15 months.
At the same time, the Energy regulation Entity (ERE) launched a process on the fees that OSHEE will apply for the connection of solar power plants to the grid.

Source: Scan TV

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