How to Apply for Classification of Tourist Facilities?

How to Apply for Classification of Tourist Facilities?

TIRANA, October 22

Every accommodation facility that operates in the hospitality sector in Albania must apply for the category certificate by December 2019. The Ministry of Tourism and Environment announced that the process of the mandatory classification of accommodation facilities has started and the last day for applying is on December 31, 2019.
The brings to attention that the Order No. 267 “On the approval of the regulation on the way, criteria, and the procedure for the categorization of accommodation facilities” provides for the obligatory classification of inns, hostels, campsites, hotels, motels, resorts, curative stay, and Bed and Breakfast facilities.
The process has been pending for four years whereas the law On Tourism was passed since 2015.

All subjects must apply by the set deadline to benefit the six percent VAT cut on hotel accommodation services. The reduced rate of VAT has been into effect for two years to boost competitiveness in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Before applying the classification certificate, the owners or administrators of accommodation facilities must check if they comply with the defined criteria for each category. (See below, only in Albanian)

Mandatory criteria B&B

Mandatory criteria Campsite

Mandatory criteria Curative stay

Mandatory criteria Hostel

Mandatory criteria Hotel

Mandatory criteria Inn/Guesthouse

Mandatory criteria Motel

Mandatory criteria Resort

Afterward, the applicant has to submit nine different documents (originals or notarized copy)
An application request according to this model application form
A self-declaration form according to this model self-declaration form
Property or Quiet enjoyment act
Registration verification from the National Business Center
The floor plan of the accommodation facility
A verification that the facility meets compliance with the fire safety policy issued by Fire and Rescue Services of Albania
A verification that the facility meets the hygiene and sanitation standards issued by the Public Health Institute
Inside/outside facility color photos
A police clearance certificate for facility owner/administrator

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Photo credit: Lulzim Hupi

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