How Much is Capital Gains Tax in Albania?

How Much is Capital Gains Tax in Albania?

TIRANA, 11 September

In Albania, the tax for selling a property, whatever it may be, is in the norm of 15%. Known as the capital gains tax is called so because it is applied over profit, thus the difference between the price of purchase and the sale price. But in other countries of the Balkan region and Europe, how much is this tax? According to the Global Property Guide, it results that Albania has the highest taxation in the Balkan region over sale property, after Serbia.

The capital gains tax in Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia is 10%, in Montenegro 9%, whereas in Serbia it is 20%. There are many European countries where this tax is zero, such as Italy, Poland, Monaco, Romania, Croatia, Switzerland, Turkey, and Germany. Whereas Holland has a minimal tax over sale property (1.62%). On the other hand, on top of the list is Finland where this tax is 34%, followed by France and Ireland (33% respectively).

capital gains tax in Albania
According to Global Property Guide the capital gains tax in Albania is 15%. Source/GPG

The capital gains tax in the majority of the European countries, besides the property, is applied over profits from the shares, bonds, and precious metals. Meanwhile, in Albania, the aforementioned tax is unified with the taxation over profit, without including other variables in this fiscal regime. In many European countries, the criteria vary, whether it is the first house or the only source of income, from the duration of property or the minimal taxed price.

Source/Global Property Guide

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