How Many Italians Lived in Albania in 2019?

How Many Italians Lived in Albania in 2019?

TIRANA, January 7

The number of Italian citizens living and working in Albania in 2019 was estimated at 1,680, Monitor magazine reported on Tuesdayreferring to the Registry of Italian Residents Abroad (AIRE). The data collected by AIRE on Italian citizens living abroad provides important insights into the reasons why they are residing in another country and for how long.
Based on the data, there were 674 Italian females and 1,006 males living or working in Albania in 2019.
About 76.1 percent were immigrants while 11.5 percent were Italians born in Albania. Meanwhile, 5.3 percent obtained Albanian citizenship during 2019.
Regarding their time in Albania, 282 were registered during the last year, 445 were registered during e period between one and three years. About, 366 Italians have registered during a period between three to five years ago, while 406 citizens were registered between five and ten years ago. According to AIRE, 180 Italians are living in Albania for more than ten years.
The reasons why Italians come to Albania include business, education, retirement, or other personal reasons.

The number of international residents in Albania in 2018

According to official data provided by the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT), the number of foreign citizens residing in Albania in 2018 was estimated at 14,162 or 9.7 percent more than in 2017. International residents from European countries accounted for 58 percent of the total.

Moreover, employment and family reunification were the main reasons why international citizens obtained an Albanian residence permit in 2018.

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Source: Monitor

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