Hiking in the Mountain of the Balkan Lynx

Hiking in the Mountain of the Balkan Lynx

TIRANA, November 6

Nature lovers hike Munella Mountain, the natural habitat of Balkan Lynx in Albania.
“Last Sunday a well-organized group of nature lovers visited Munella Mountain, the habitat of the critically endangered subspecies of the Balkan Lynx,” the Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA) announced.
Puka-Mirdita region offers plenty of opportunities for the development of nature-based tourism. Hiking could be one of these activities and Puka-Mirdita regions are known for their high biodiversity and wonderful landscapes. PPNEA team also joined the group and informed them about the high biodiversity and wildlife monitoring process done by the organization.

Even though the group was not lucky to see any solitary lynx in the wild, they had the opportunity to enjoy the experience and the beautiful landscape. Such events help to raise awareness on wildlife protection and conservation and especially on burning issues such as the declining number of the Balkan Lynx individuals.
Source/Photo Credit PPNEA

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