Hija e Korbit Treasure, One of the Biggest Found in Albania

Hija e Korbit Treasure, One of the Biggest Found in Albania

TIRANA, January 27

Perhaps the legends of hidden treasures in Albanian lands are not just myths.
Exactly 38 years ago, archeologists were informed about an amazing treasure trove of coins at Hija e Korbit (The Crow Shadow) one the left bank of Devolli River, close to Maliq town.
An estimated 618 silver coins from different centuries were found at the ruins of an ancient Illyrian city.
The hoard of ‘Hija e Korbit’ consists of tetradrachm and drachma coins. The Athens tetradrachms date back to the fifth century BC while the tetradrachms of Antigon Gonata date back to the third century BC.
According to an article of 1985 by Shpresa Gjongecaj, the treasure consists of
426 coins of Alexander the Great
80 Athens coins
42 coins of Philip III of Macedon
52 coins of Lysimachus of Thrace
7 coins of Antioch I Syria
4 coins of Eumens I of Pergame
3 coins of Seleucus I Syria

The Athens coins, tetradrachms, were found in three different variants. The coins of Alexander the Great were found in eight tetradrachms. Three of them unknown before, and 418 drachms. The most common symbols on the coins include the torch, leaves, the half-moon, lions, stars, bees, snakes, amphorae, fish, grapes, etc.
The discovery of the treasure at the ancient settlement of Hija e Korbit, which was part of the Desaretia region, sheds light on the advanced economic development of the area.
Based on the latest type of coins, archeologists suggest that the treasure was hidden during the era of Antigon Gonata. These are well-preserved compared to the other coins, which made archeologists believe that they were in circulation for a short time.
A part of the collection is exposed at the Museum of the Bank of Albania.

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Source: Thesari i Hijes së Korbit/ Le trésor de Hija e Korbit article by Shpresa Gjongecaj
Photo Credit: BoA

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