Health Insurances to be zeroed within June 2017

Health Insurances to be zeroed within June 2017

Minister of Health, Ilir Beqja, declared that the Health Insurances will be zeroed within June 2017. 

According to Beqaj, no one will pay for health insurance after this deadline.

“We have decided to go towads the universal coverage, with funds from the general taxation, to make possible that no Albanian citizen will turn poor just because he cannot afford the health care payment”, Beqja declared.

Being aware of the high level of corruption in the Albanian health system, Beqja declared that they are working to reduce it.

“We have another bigger challenge. The health and judiciary systems are perceived by Albanian citizens as two of the most corrupted sectors in our country. It is our mission to work every day and make it better”, Beqja declared.

The Health minister underlines that the funds for the system he leads are always insufficient, but the challenge of this institution is to do the impossible with what they have.

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