Harsher Penalties for those Who Flout New Smoking Law

Harsher Penalties for those Who Flout New Smoking Law

TIRANA, August 7

The new law ‘For the protection of health from tobacco products’ which strengthens a series of measures, will come into force, on 15 August 2019. Referred to the changes, the electronic cigarettes will be prohibited, tobacco with warming or in bottle/hookah, in closed premises, applying for that the same rules, as for the conventional forms of smoking. Also, with the latest legal changes, will be increased penalties towards the subjects that break the law.

The fine for all of the subjects that break the law regarding the allowance of smoking in closed premises is Lek300.000, but if they are going to be caught in a repeated violation, within a period of 3 months, the fine will be doubled (Lek600.000). Meanwhile, if the taxable entity, is found breaking the law for a third time within a period of 1 year, then it will be fined Lek300.000 and suspension of the activity until the pay-off of the fines.

Also, the new law prohibits hidden promotion through the colors of the logo of tobacco products. On the other hand, it predicts the removal from the circulation of small packages, which usually have ten cigarettes inside. However, this is a measure that will be applied 2 years after the law comes into force, meanwhile, the State Health Inspectorate has started the training with the employees, in order to implement the new law.


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