“Green Market” fair, a promoter of Made in Albania products

“Green Market” fair, a promoter of Made in Albania products

Tirane, Albania
15 March, 2016

In the framework of Summer Day celebrations, Tirana Municipality organized the “Green Market” fair on Monday, March 14th, in Tirana. The fair was an exhibition of Made in Albania bio products, produced by farmers in different parts of the country.

The fair booths were situated at Mother Theresa square and were visited by a large number of people who bought such products. The exposed products included traditional beverages such as wine and homemade ‘raki’, homemade jam, vegetables, fruits and other bio products.

Farmers who participated in this fair came from rural areas of the country and had the opportunity to showcase homemade products with high nutrition values, products that can’t be found in shops in most of the cases. The promotion of Made in Albania products during official holidays and festivals in Albania has become a tradition by local units which consider this an efficient way to promote farmers and such products.






News source/photo credits: ATA

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