Greek Parliament Green-lights Agreement on Driving Licenses

Greek Parliament Green-lights Agreement on Driving Licenses

TIRANA, January 29

The Greek Parliament ratified on Wednesday the agreement on the mutual recognition of driving licenses in Albania and Greece. The agreement was signed by both countries since May 2018.
This means that Albanian citizens visiting or residing in Greece as well as Greek citizens traveling or staying in Albania will be able to use or convert their driving license.

Based on the agreement signed in 2018, all the Albanian citizens who have a valid driving license, the model I, issued from 1 July 2007 or model II issued from 24 January 2017 can drive a vehicle within the Greek borders as long as they don’t set up residency in Greece.

If an Albanian citizen decides to set up a residency in Greece, they can easily convert their driving license by submitting a request to the regional unit for transport and communication.
The procedure requires a medical examination for a driving license and an official translation of the Albanian driving license. They will not be required to take a theory or practical driving test. The same rules will apply to Greek citizens visiting or living in Albania.

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