Greece Drops all COVID-19 Entry Requirements

Greece Drops all COVID-19 Entry Requirements


Albanian and international citizens who travel to Greece are no longer required to present proof of vaccination, recovery, or a negative COVID-19 test. The neighbor country decided to lift entry requirements for all travelers starting May 1st, the Albanian Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs confirmed on Tuesday.
Still, the Ministry highlights that visitors must comply with the COVID-19 rules while visiting the country, such as mandatory face masks in indoor areas, etc. Moreover, visitors like Greek citizens will be able to access restaurants, museums, and other facilities without having to present a vaccination or recovery certificate or a negative test.

‘However, a simplified PLF remains in operation, the completion of which is OPTIONAL, for the sole purpose of enabling the traveLler/family to issue an EU Certificate of a negative or positive COVID-19 test result,” the official Greek website points out.

This decision benefits Albanian and international citizens, who will travel between the two countries for business, tourism, and personal reasons. Albania and Greece are connected by air, land, and maritime transport.
Albania has six border crossings along the 271 km it shares with Greece. These crossings are

Kakavia – Ktismata. This is the most important border crossing between Albania and Greece. It connects the regions of Gjirokastra with Ioannina.
Kapshtica – Krystallopigi in the Korca region is the second most important border crossing. Located in the Devolli area, it connects Southeastern Albania with Northwestern Greece.
Tre Urat – Melissopetra in the Permeti district is an alternative border crossing during peak season.
Qafe Bota – Sagiada is the southernmost land border crossing between Albania and Greece. It is located in the Konispoli area.
Moreover, there are two other pedestrian border crossings:
Sopik – Drimades in Gjirokastra Region
Rips – Ampelonas in Saranda district
Moreover, the daily ferry service connects the city of Saranda with Corfu Island. During the summer season, this service extends to Himara in the Albanian Riviera.

Future projects included a rail connection between Pogradec and Krystallopigi.

Source: MEFA

Photo: Parga by Calin Stan on Unsplash

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