Grand Viziers of Ottoman Empire with Albanian roots

Grand Viziers of Ottoman Empire with Albanian roots

Who would have though that the founder of modern Egypt was Albanian? If you know anything about Albania’s history, you surely know the fact that the country has been under the Ottoman Empire rule for five centuries, from 1385 to 1912. During this long time, Albanian little boys were taken and recruited by Ottomans in order to become part of Ottoman Army, known as one of the biggest armies in history during that time. Many Albanian soldiers were distinguished for their capabilities not only in the military service but even in politics, arts and commerce. Historic facts and books show that a high number of Ottoman Empire Grand Viziers (Prime Ministers) had Albanian roots. (Based on historical facts, it is believed that the number of Grand Viziers with Albanian roots is higher but the below listed are confirmed by Wikipedia, as  a free source of information.) Please click here to see the full list of Ottoman Grand Viziers of Ottoman Empire.

In the list below, you may read the names of 32 Grand Viziers that had Albanian origin.

  1. Gedik Ahmet Pasha
  2. Koca Davut Pasha
  3. Dukakinzade Ahmet Pasha 
  4. Ibrahim Pasha
  5. Lutfi Pasha
  6. Kara Ahmet Pasha
  7. Koca Sinan Pasha
  8. Mere Husein Pasha
  9. Yemisci Hasan Pasha
  10. Nasuh Pasha
  11. Hasan Pasha
  12. Ayas Mehmed Pasha
  13. Koprulu Fazil Mustafa Pasha 
  14. Mustafa Naili Pasha
  15. Mehmet Ferit Pasha 
  16. Mirsili Said Halim Pasha
  17. Ahmet Izet Pasha
  18. Zaganos Pasha
  19. Hadim Ali Pasha
  20. Lufti Pasha
  21. Serdar Fehrad Pasha
  22. Ohrili Huseyin Pasha
  23. Tabani Jassi Mehmed Pasha 
  24. Kemankeş Kara Mustafa Pasha
  25. Kara Murat Pasha
  26. Tarhoncu Ahmed Pasha
  27. Arabacı Ali Pasha
  28. Köprülü Mehmed Pasha 
  29. Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha 
  30. Amcazade Köprülü Hüseyin Pasha 
  31. Köprülü Numan Pasha
  32. Mohammad Ali of Egypt

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