Govt to Auction 13 Mineral-Rich Areas

Govt to Auction 13 Mineral-Rich Areas

TIRANA, December 1

The Ministry of Energy and Industry will open an auction on 13 free areas for mineral extraction activities. These areas that will be developed by private companies or subjects are located in Tirana, Dibra, Shkodra, Kukes, and Elbasan. This was confirmed in the recent bulletin issued by the Public Procurement Agency.
According to the information provided by this agency Zall Herr and Qafe Priske areas in Tirana cane be exploited by subjects interested in limestone. Each of the subjects must Lek 21 million without VAT for the minimum annual production. Meanwhile, Mengaj area also in Tirana is rich in gypsum. In the meantime, mineral in an area in Shkodra was defined as limestone turned into marble.
Further on, chromium will be extracted in three areas, two in Dibra and One in Kukes, where the minimum investment cannot be less than Lek 8.4 million.
Subjects interested in Iron-Nickel may compete for an area in Elbasan and their minimum investment should be higher than Lek 105 million.

News Source: Scan TV

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