Govt Gives Euro 1mln Bonus to National Football Team

Govt Gives Euro 1mln Bonus to National Football Team

The Albanian government has decided to reward the National Football Team following the historic victory in a major tournament. The 1-0 victory against Romania, the final group game of Albania for Euro 2016 in Lyon France on Sunday night keeps the hopes up high for qualifying in the knockout stages. The Albanian Football Federation confirmed on Monday that a bonus of Euro 1 million will be the reward for the team and they also will receive a diplomatic passport.

“The boys of the team are ambassadors without a passport, but now they will have one,” President of the Albanian Football Federation (FSHF) Armando Duka said on Monday.

Albania now ranks third in Group A thanks to the goal scored by Armando Sadiku in the 43rd minute. Now the team is waiting to make it to the round of 16.

In the meantime, fans erupted in joy and celebrated in the streets of Tirana and Pristina. They gathered at the main squares and boulevards waving the red and black flag while fireworks illuminated the sky.

 News Source: TCh

Photo Credit: FSHF

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