Govt Declares 91 billion in Tax Amnesty

Govt Declares 91 billion in Tax Amnesty

TIRANA, February 23

The Albanian government adopted the decision that grants a tax amnesty for tax, fines, penalties and interest for tax periods prior to 2010. Previously, Minister of Economy Arben Ahmetaj announced the amnesty on an estimated 90 billion on tax obligations.
Even though the business sector is the main beneficiary from this amnesty, it wasn’t welcomed by businesses that pay taxes regularly.
On the other hand, the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania expressed its criticisms regarding the draft adopted by the government.
Member of the AmCham board Alketa Uruci said that the repetition of tax amnesties over time is in favour to businesses that don’t pay their tax obligations.
“This draft law worries the AmCham members. It is in favour to taxpayers that don’t pay taxes,” Uruci said.

Meanwhile, chair of the General Directorate of Taxes Vasilika Vjero said that the law pardons old debts that cannot be collected.

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