Govt Accepts €250mln for Arberi Road Construction

Govt Accepts €250mln for Arberi Road Construction

TIRANA, April 13

The Council of Ministers gave the green light to the bid on the construction of Arberi Road by giving priority to Gjoka Construction Company. The latter submitted its proposal in 2016. Based on the offer the road construction will cost Euro 250 million and it will be completed for 46 months. The road will be financed through a joint scheme between the private company and the state budget. More specifically, the company will finance about Euro 190 million, while the Albanian state will pay Euro 60 million from its budget during the construction stage.
After the road construction will be completed the company will receive installment payments for a period of 15 years.
Currently, 20.1 km of the road are completed, while 15 other kilometers are partially completed. According to the variant proposed by the private company, the road will be 96 km long including a tunnel. Besides the construction cost, the company agreed for the maintenance and repair of the road for a period of 10 years after the construction.
The Albanian company entered the race on the construction of Arberi Road next year when the Chinese company China State Construction announced it withdrawal from the project. The Chinese company had foreseen a cost of Euro 300 million for the construction of a segment of 27 kilometres.

News Source: TCh

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