Government increases excise duty on “luxury goods”

Government increases excise duty on “luxury goods”

Starting from January 2015, businesses will have to pay new taxes for “luxury goods”, as coffee, energy drinks, beer, wine and tobacco. Businesses will pay more excise duty for these products, as announced by the government.

As published in the Official Bulletin, the excise duty for coffee is 60 ALL/kg, for energy drinks is 30 ALL/kg and for different kinds of beer, excise duty varies from 360 ALL to 710 ALL per hectoliter. As for different kinds of wine, the excise duty will vary from 2 thousand to 12 thousand ALL and for alcoholic drinks the excise duty will be 5200 ALL per hectoliter.

Businesses will have to pay an excise duty of 2500 ALL/kg for cigar and for fireworks the excise duty will be 200 ALL/kg.

The Economy Commission has held many discussions regarding the new fiscal package and the cut of excise for energy drinks, a government’s proposal which was rejected by the majority of MPs. The government foresees that excise duty on tobacco will increase progressively in the upcoming years. The financial effect of the increase of excise duty in the state budget is predicted to be circa 3.4 bl ALL for 2015.

News source: Scan Tv
Photo credits: John K. Goodman

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