Government facilities for the legalization of informal buildings

Government facilities for the legalization of informal buildings

After the adoption of the new national map for the price of land, the government has adopted a decree which predicts financial facilities for the legalization of the informal constructions. Refering to this, the interested persons who need to legalize their buildings aimed at housing, have to pay only 50% of the value of the used land.

The amount of money that each owner of a land must pay, depends on the land price of the area and based on the specified value of land in a certain administrative unit.

The owners of informal buildings whose families have at least one member with disabilities, will pay 50% less. Based on these data, these families in need will pay only 25% of the total amount of the value of land in which they have constructed their houses.

Besides this facility, the government will back the families in need by giving them the opportunity to pay the half of the dept with privatization vouchers.

News source: Scan Tv
Photo credits: Wikimedia / Zachary Korb

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