Golden Eagle Shot and Injured by Poachers

Golden Eagle Shot and Injured by Poachers

TIRANA, February 19

The Golden Eagle, the bird that Albanians saw as the embodiment of freedom and everything they believed in, risks disappearing. We the Albanians take pride in this magnificent bird, as we regard it as a national symbol and even market the country as ‘the land of eagles’. Sadly, some people here kill this national symbol and trade it for money.
Recently, a golden eagle was found injured in the Skrapari area. The eagle was brought to the Bird Rehabilitation Center in Divjaka-Karavasta National Park, the Albanian Ornithological Society (AOS) confirmed. According to AOS, the X-ray scan revealed that the body of the Golden Eagle was covered with pellets and its right wing was broken.

Referring to concerning data from Birdlife International AOS says that over the last 20 years, the population of the Golden Eagle in Albania is estimated to have declined by about 50-60 percent.
Hence, we should not let this pass without comment.

“Most likely, the bird was shot with the intention to be caught and used for trade. Therefore, we are dealing with a victim of poaching for the purpose of illegal wildlife trading. Both actions are strictly prohibited and should be penalized,” AOS highlighted.

Moreover, the organization calls on the responsible authorities to take this matter seriously and conduct proper investigations.

“They (authorities) must react for the recovery of our national symbol that is in danger of disappearing from historical memory. Numerous years of persecution, murder, capturing of the younglings, poisoning, and disturbance of nesting habitats are destroying our symbol. This loss is irreparable because preserving historical memory is more important than anything,” AOS underlined.

Data show that in the early 2000s, BirdLife International reported 50-150 pairs of Golden Eagles. Meanwhile, the European Breeding Atlas reported only 25-63 breeding pairs in 2020.


Posted by AOS-Albanian Ornithological Society on Thursday, February 18, 2021


As long as poachers continue their activity undisturbed, indirectly all of us are eagle and wild animal killers because we allow poachers to kill wildlife, stuff, and sell them as ornaments to individuals or businesses. It is the duty and right of every citizen in Albania to ask responsible authorities for accountability and to expect that they execute the law for cases of wildlife poaching or stuffing. Spread the word and help bring poachers and wildlife violators to justice.


Source: AOS
Photo Credit: Ardian Koci

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