Gjirokastra, the preferred destination for Polish tourists

Gjirokastra, the preferred destination for Polish tourists

The stone city of Gjirokaster has welcomed more than 2400 Polish tourists only during July, according to the data published by Tourism Office of the Gjirokastra Municipality. Apparently, Polish people are very curious to know more about the ancient history of this city and to see from near the living traces of history and architecture.

“We are a group of tourists from Poland. Its beautiful here, We can notice a mix of cultures, rare architectonic values, an extraordinary landscape. This city will attract more tourists in the days and months to come”, says Matias Woiczex, a Polish tourist.

“Beautiful, magnificent, everything seems unique to me, the buildings, the roads, the people. Many tourists would like to enjoy such a nice place,” adds another tourist, Angela Kaminsky.

Gjirokastra, a city included in the list of Unesco as a world heritage, and Albania are considered to them as destinations that one should visit.

Based on the data shown by the Touristic Office in Gjirokaster, the number of visitors in this city has increased by 30% this period, compared to the same period one year before.

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