German tourists: Albanian nature, food, and hospitality are impressive

German tourists: Albanian nature, food, and hospitality are impressive

TIRANA, August 11

Not only the coastal area but also the rest of Albania is very popular with foreign tourists. Transport remains a challenge for tourists.

Albania remains one of the most favorite destinations for tourists from Germany. Young people from Germany have started to choose Albania to spend the summer holidays and to enjoy the features this country offers. Albania is a place where German vacationers find a variety of tourist attractions, which differ from those of other European countries.

“Traveling with minibus through those winding roads was a very special experience for me,” says Moritz, a student from Cologne. He told DW that he was quite happy with his holiday in Albania and that he had no negative experience, despite the fact that he sees transport in Albania as a challenge for foreign vacationers.

Christin from Eseni visited Albania two years ago in September when the influx of tourists is smaller compared to summer months. She says to DW: “The first time I was driving in Tirana was difficult, but I managed to adapt even though the traffic rules that were not respected.” The traffic issue has also surprised Michael by Boni, who says: “In Central Europe, I have never seen a car driving in traffic circles like in Albania. There were special rules in Tirana regarding this. ”

Cultural and sports attractions – one more reason to visit Albania.

Vacationers from Europe are amazed by Albanian history and culture. Kruja, Berat, Apollonia and the National Museum in Tirana are the most favorite tourist spots. Xiengong in his interview with DW says: “I would suggest that you leave in Albania to all those who are interested in cultural diversity and European history.”

The presence of more religions that characterizes Albania was distinguished as value from all respondents. Tirana, as the capital, is very attractive for German vacationers. They point out the festivals that have been organized in this city. Christin further points out a special impression left the Block in Tirana with all the pubs as well as the young people who have met around.

Albanian cuisine – worthy in price and incomparable in flavor

In Albania, recent positive changes have been noted in food preparation, which makes Albania an even more popular country for foreign tourists. According to Bobb, who visited Tirana two years ago, Albanian cuisine is at the level of Italian and Spanish ones. All DW respondents have been quite satisfied with food in Albania, also expressing surprise at prices that are significantly cheaper than in many other European countries. Sea food remains the most favorite, among other things.

German tourists expressed an admiration towards Albanian hospitality. They all point out the care Albanians are taking to provide a high level of comfort to vacationers. “I am positively surprised by the fact that in Albania, even in the smallest premises, there was internet connection, a thing that you cannot even find here in Germany,” says Bobb for DW

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