Gender Pay Gap Widening, still Lower than EU average

Gender Pay Gap Widening, still Lower than EU average

TIRANA, January 4

Gender pay equality is a major concern worldwide. Women in Albania earned on average 10.5 percent less than men in 2017.  Yet, compared to average gender pay gap across the European Union (EU), Albania shows lower rates. According to Eurostat, the difference in the gross earnings of women and men in the EU was 16.2 percent in 2016.

In the meantime, the Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) in 2016 confirmed a gender pay gap of 6.3 percent. Year-over-year comparison confirms that the Gender wage gap is widening. Pay discrimination varies across different sectors of the Albanian economy.

Based on INSTAT’s data, the financial and banking sectors have the largest wage gap. Women are paid Lek 20,600 less compared to their male counterparts.
Moreover, other jobs that are male-dominated are related to sectors of specific job requirements such as the extraction and processing industry, power, and gas.
Further on, telecommunication is a male-dominated sector. Women working in the sector are paid 15percent less than men.
Women face discrimination even in public administration. The sector has a gender gap of 13.6 percent.
The only female-dominated jobs are in the art, entertainment, and recreation sector. Men working in those sectors are paid Lek 4,400 less than women.
Meanwhile, the jobs with the smallest gender pay gaps are senior executives, officials, and the Armed Forces.

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Gender Pay Gap EU

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The EU countries with a lower gender pay gap than Albania are Romania 5.2 percent, Italy 5.3 percent, Luxembourg 5.5 percent, Belgium 6.1 percent, Slovenia 7.8 percent, and Croatia 8.7 percent.
In the meantime, the gender pay gap ranges to more than 20 percent in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Estonia, and the UK (due to leave the EU on 29 March).
Meanwhile, the wage pay gap in France and in the Netherlands is lower than the EU average, respectively 15.6 and 15.2 percent.

News Source: Monitor, EC

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