Foreign investors increasing interest for new ventures in Albania

Foreign investors increasing interest for new ventures in Albania

TIRANA, August 10

Albanian Agency for Investment Development (AIDA) says that foreign investors are increasing their interest to undertake new ventures in our country. Only this year, their number reached in 67. Sectors with more interest are: Mining, wholesale trade, energy etc. Regarding AIDA, 10 investors have expressed interest in energy sector, 9 in manufacturing sector, 8 in consulting, 6 in automotive, 5 in services, 5 in tourism, 4 in infrastructure, 3 in agriculture, 3 in building, 3 in mining, 3 in wholesale trade, 2 in financial services, 2 in real estate,  1 in aeroportul services, 1 in education, 1 in information technology and 1 in retail trade.  The increase of foreign investments is a key factor in economy growth, that’s why government keeps the spotlight on improving business’s climate for the growth of foreign entrepreneurship in our country. Currently, the bulk of FDI (about 60 %) is concentrated in the mining sector (mainly oil and gas), 13 % in transport and communication, 9 % in electricity and 8 % in real estate.

News Source/Photo Credit: ATA

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