Foreign Investors Can Bid for Six Mining Permits

Foreign Investors Can Bid for Six Mining Permits

TIRANA, November 25, 2019

Albanian authorities are planning to expand exploration in the mining sector by inviting bids from foreign investors. The latest bulletin from the Public Procurement Agency released on Monday includes an announcement on a bid procedure for six mining permits in the following areas: No. 314/1, No. 231, No. 181, No. 659/1, No. 516/7, No. 693.
Based on the announcement, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, bidders will not be excluded because of their citizenship. The interested subject must submit only one bid by December 18th, 10:00 hours.

The bidding procedure follows the adoption of the 2019-2021 action plan in the mining sector in October, which foresees an annual production up to five percent.
Moreover, the plan defines rational exploitation and the management of mineral reserves. Further on, it foresees bids for up to 76 mining permits.
At the same time, the plan foresees exploration activity for chromium, copper, and gold alloys in 132 mining areas.

The plan defines that mining activity must rely on contemporary technology that cuts on environmental deterioration and carbon emissions. Further on, it must guarantee workplace safety and a minimal impact on the landscape.

Find the announcement HERE, page 346

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