Foreign investments, 30% of Albania’s economy

Foreign investments, 30% of Albania’s economy

TIRANA, August 16

According to the United Nations (UN), foreign direct investment has become decisive for the performance of the Albanian economy. In 2016, foreign investments in Albania were 1 billion and 124 million $. This means that one in every 3 ALL invested in the Albanian economy is already coming from abroad. According to the UN Trade and Development section, this is one of the highest rates in the countries of the region. In Bosnia, foreign capital finances only 10 % of total investment in the economy; In Bulgaria 7.8 %, while the average for Southeast Europe is 26.3 %. The impact of foreign investments on the Albanian economy has increased especially in the last 5 years. According to INSTAT, in the years 2015-2016, investments, particularly large foreign capital projects, such as Trans Adriatic Pipeline and Devoll Cascade, were the main source of economic growth. The biggest concern of experts is what will happen after the completion of these two projects. A few days ago, “Moody’s” warned that foreign investment in Albania may decrease over the next few years if the country does not strengthen the institutions and the business climate. According to Moody’s, this would make it possible to diversify the investments from abroad, especially in areas of great potentials, such as energy, tourism, but also agriculture.

News Source: Telegraph

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