Fishing industry, a lucrative business in Albania

Fishing industry, a lucrative business in Albania

Fishing industry in Albania is being considered as an important key sector to benefit from and to invest in, since Albania is rich in many lakes and rivers, and has a long coastline in the Mediterranian Sea. Regarding to this new business perspective for Albanians Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Entrepreneurship Arben Ahmetaj and the president of Business Albania Luan Bregasi visited a fish processing factory in Lezha city.

They emphasized the importance of this business and regarding to a further development of it, Minister Ahmetaj promised that very soon a new package of measures will be presented as new facilities for the agriculture sector and fishing industry. “We are working on a new package to back these sectors, the entrepreneurship plans are very motivating and we are ready to show our support and assistance for market through funds for new investments”, announced Minister Arben Ahmetaj.

On the other side, the president of Business Albania organization stressed that these factories supply for their raw materials from other states and this makes their work difficult.

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