First Tourism Investment and Finance Fund Created in Albania

First Tourism Investment and Finance Fund Created in Albania

TIRANA, July 18

All the citizens that want to start a new enterprise or business in the tourism sector may now get financial and technical support without paying for it. The first Tourism Investment and Finance Fund was created in Albania as a multi-partner, member-owned, nonprofit foundation that will invest in and provide expert advisory to micro establishments working in the tourism sector for the next 32 months.
General Director of the Project Jonel Kristo said that co-financing and technical support will be the focus of the project that is going to be implemented in the areas of Belsh, Old Himara and Pellumbas. The project is supported by USAID and the Embassy of Sweden in Albania and they announced the first grant award recipient under the “Tourism as a Leading Edge” project to the Center for Economic & Business Education (CEBE) last week.
According to Kristo, USAID and the Swedish government are going to invest over six million dollars for the next five years that will create more jobs and improve the tourism sector in Albania.

News Source: Ora News
Photo Credit: USAID Albania

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