First Sustainable Export Managers Certified in Albania

First Sustainable Export Managers Certified in Albania

TIRANA, July 8

Albanian businesses and exporters who need to expand into regional and global markets can now rely on domestic expertise. A group of export managers has been trained and certified for the first time in Albania under the support of RisiAlbania and Kostinger Consulting.

ExportStars Sustainable Export Manager course that consisted of a nine-week dedicated training was concluded with the certification of 35 students from the Agricultural University of Tirana and representatives of the export sector. The newly certified manager exports offer the opportunity to give life to expansions possibilities towards high-value markets.
The goal of this training course is to create decent job opportunities for young people in the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the exports sector.
Further on, the project aims to improve the skills of employees working for Albanian exporters.
The group was assisted by some of the largest agricultural companies in Albania. Cooperation with those companies focused on expanding the students – business network as well as on increasing the employment rate among recent graduates in the agribusiness sector.

ExportStars Sustainable Export Manager course focuses on the strategic growth of export businesses through an online platform. It’s a one-of-a-kind training compared to other available courses as it provides skills and knowledge related to export operations. The curriculum consists of self-assessment tests, case studies, international trade law compatibility, export operations, sustainability in intercultural competencies, marketing, finance, etc.

Source/Photo Credit: RisiAlbania

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