The first modern agricultural market opened in Elbasan

The first modern agricultural market opened in Elbasan

Government investments in the agriculture sector continue as one of the most important electoral promises of current party on power to revive the agriculture in Albania. In relation to this, the first agricultural market was lately opened in Elbasan city for the needs of the farmers of this region. Prime Minister Edi Rama was present during the inauguration of this market and declared that it can be compared to European agricultural markets.

He further added: “We are very grateful, because with this market we resolved not only a problem of this area, but this is an investment that honors us and gives us the possibility to promote it as a success model even for other areas, so that people start seeing another perspective with these markets. We must bring here people from other areas, from north to south of Albania, to take this experience with them”.

Present in the opening ceremony was even the Minister of Agriculture Edmond Panariti who declared that sellers should estimate their products and set the price they deserve in order to avoid abuses. “We should hold a mini-auction every day, some kind of mini-agricultural stock market. You have ordered a huge screen which will have the daily prices, which will be visible for everyone, so that there is no room for speculation. This is very positive, because we must start inserting the price transparency mechanism”, Panariti declared.

According to the Prime Minister, the opening of this market will open more than 300 workplaces. This agricultural market includes giand refrigerators, showrooms, adecuate spaces for vans that transport country products, shops and restaurants.


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