First Applications for Construction of Photovoltaic Plants in Fier

TIRANA, April 19

Interest in the construction of solar panel facilities in Albania increased. Specific requests have been submitted to the Ministry of Energy regarding the construction of a photovoltaic station in Topoja in Fier area. These are private investments with an installed capacity of two megawatt, which is equal to a small hydropower plant.
“Two applications were made so far and a third one is on the way. Their capacity of two megawatt meets our expectations,” chairman of the office for Renewable energy at the Ministry of Energy and Industry Gjergj Simaku said.
Authorities aim at attracting major investments with an installed capacity of hundreds of megawatts. All investments in solar power stations will be built on the non-agricultural land.
“If Albania has units of lands such as land that is too salty for crops to grow, which is apt for the construction of solar power facilities, an auction will take place. The auction is not going to be like a bill. The winner will be the one with the lowest energy price proposal,” Simaku added.
Solar power can be a profitable option for Albanians. A solar roof can provide a monthly production of 500kW. They have a life expectancy of 25 years and the initial cost is paid off within the first eight years. No license from the Energy Regulatory Entity is needed for such investments.
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