Albania to Enact Stiffer Fines for Traffic Offences

Albania to Enact Stiffer Fines for Traffic Offences

TIRANA, September 11

Albanian authorities will introduce stiffer penalties for drivers that fail to comply with the traffic law. New changes to the existing law define numerous tougher penalties for numerous violations. More specifically, the new variant of the law aims at enabling the driver point system. The latter has been adopted years ago, but it wasn’t applied so far.

Further on, the changes include penalties for not wearing seat belts both for the driver and passengers. Also, tougher penalties are proposed for drivers that use mobile phones, those who drive unauthorized armored cars (bulletproof), incorrect overtaking, excessive speed, etc.
Penalties for excessive speed will include fines up to Lek 200,000, point reduction. Meanwhile, drivers will be required to get their technical and theoretical knowledge re-tested when their driving permits are going to be revoked.
Furthermore, excessive speed in residential areas will be subject to fines up to Lek 200,000.
Passengers that will not wear seat belts will be subject to fines up to Lek 15,000 while drivers will be fined up to Lek 3,000 in case passengers don’t wear the seat belt.
Moreover, drivers using mobile phones will be fined Lek 5,000 to Lek 15,000.

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Source: Scan TV

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