FIAA Urges Better Business Environment to Attract Investors

FIAA Urges Better Business Environment to Attract Investors

TIRANA, November 9

A few days after the World Bank (WB) confirmed the fact that Albania slipped seven places in Doing Business Index 2018, the Foreign Investors Association of Albania (FIAA) called for a better business climate. Albania in 2017 index ranked 58th and it made a historic jump of 32 places. However, this year it slipped seven places.
President of FIAA Silvio Pedrazzi said that time has come to do more for the future of the country.
“We are ready to do our part, but we require a friendly business environment. We know that this is one of the government’s priorities, but more progress is needs. We have to bring to your notice the fact that we are the best ambassadors for promoting investments and attracting more others,” Pedrazzi said.
On the other hand, State Minister for the Protection of Entrepreneurship said that the government is planning fiscal stimulus in order to attract more foreign investments.
“We are doing the utmost for improving the situation,” Minister Qato said.
Besides the recent data from Doing Business Index, the World Bank in another report warned a decline in the influx of foreign investments after the two major projects of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and Devolli Hydro Power Plants will be completed.

News Source: RTSH

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