Fewer Babies Born in Albania in 2019

Fewer Babies Born in Albania in 2019

TIRANA, February 13

While births are falling, life expectancy is rising and youth are leaving Albania, the demographic news released on Thursday by the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) doesn’t seem good. The data showed that for the fifth year in a row the number of births has declined. There were 28,561 babies born in Albania in 2019, down 1.3 percent to 2018. At the same time, there were 21,937 deaths in 2019, 0.6 percent more than in 2018. The natural population change in 2019 was 6,624, down 7.1 percent to 2018.

Number of births Albania
Moreover, the data show that the region with the highest and lowest number of births in 2019 was respectively Tirana and Gjirokastra. Meanwhile, Kuksi was the region with the highest growth in birth percentage compared to 2018.
With the exception of Kosovo, it seems that most countries of the Balkans and beyond are going through a demographic crisis.

Source: INSTAT

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