Exports in agriculture increased by 28% during 2014

Exports in agriculture increased by 28% during 2014

Domestic production in agriculture sector has increased in 2014, if compared to production figures of 2013, since exports of these products increased by 28%. These are the results published by Ministry of Agriculture’s official data regarding production in agriculture, agro-industry and livestock products. In January-October period, agriculture exports reached the amount of 11 bl ALL, increasing by 900 ml ALL more than in 2013.

Exports increased for agro-industry products, at an amount of 6.1 bl ALL in 2014 (5.6 bl ALL in 2013). Revenues increased also by the trade of other agricultural products, 0.4 bl ALL more during 2014 than in 2013.

As for the livestock products exports, official figures display a negative performance of them, since they decreased during 2014. Exports of this category decreased to 435 ml ALL in 2014, from 494 ml ALL in 2013. Exports of livestock products have decreased year by year, reports the Ministry of Agriculture. Speaking about imports in this field, figures show that imports increased slightly in 2014 to 67 bl ALL, from 63 bl ALL in 2013.

These figures issued by the Ministry of Agriculture have shown that agriculture sector is the most important sector that affects the economic growth of Albania, since it had the highest increase of trade exchanges during 2014.

News source/photo credits: ATA

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