Experience Life in the Wild in Albanian RAMSAR Sites

Experience Life in the Wild in Albanian RAMSAR Sites

TIRANA, September 18

In the conditions of tourism expansion all over the Balkan countries and further in the Mediterranean region, new forms of activities that help to establish a connection between sustainable tourism and the preservation of wetland areas. Wetlands offer one of the best opportunities for the models of sustainable development where tourism and nature benefit each other.
Albania is home to four RAMSAR sites with a total surface of 98.181 hectares. These sites are geographically located in the four corners of the country
Shkodra Lake – Buna River, North-Western Albania
Big and Small Prespa Lakes, Eastern Albania
Karavasta Lagoon – Divjaka Pine, Western Albania
Cuka Canal – Butrint – Stillo Cape, Southern Albania

Dita botërore e ligatinave
Çdo vit, me 2 Shkurt, në botë festohet “Dita Botërore Ligatinave”.
Dita Botërore e…

Posted by Abdulla Diku on Tuesday, February 2, 2021

“The number of visitors in protected areas increased just like the number of animal and bird species also thanks to the hunting ban,” chairman of the National Agency for Protected Areas Zamir Dedej said.
He added that more details in the number of visitors that explore the protected areas will be available in a later moment.

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