Events of the Week in Tirana

Events of the Week in Tirana

TIRANA, October,

From youth conferences to bicycle auctions, here are the events of this week in the Albanian capital:

Public Arts Conference

The International Conference on Arts in Public Spaces with speakers from the Netherlands, Serbia, Kosova, Macedonia, Albania, and Canada. Visit us on October 22, 2018, at the New Bazaar

UN DAY – Coffee Talks

To celebrate the UN day and its work towards making the voice of the youth heard, this session UN Youth Association of Albania will organize the UN Day Coffee Talks: Youth participation for more security and reconciliation.

Success Story with Kushtrim Sheremeti, October 24th at Europe House at 17:30 hours

The European Union Delegation to Albania presents a Success Story with Kushtrim Sheremeti.
Kushtrim will share his successful experience as an actor, film and tv producer, cultural entrepreneur, organizer of festivals, manager of theater, etc.Kushtrim Sheremeti will talk about the challenges and successes of his journey.

Discussion on Franz Baron Nopcsa
Presentation of research papers on the topic “Women and gender equality in the period 1912 – 1939” on October 24th at Destil Hostel at 16:30 hours.

Young researchers, with the support of the OSCE Presence in Albania and Women’s Museum, are presenting their main findings on women and gender issues in Albania in the period 1912-1939. Through their work, researchers bring to light less known facts on gender in the period of the pre-WWII Albania. Their work gives an inspiring overview and understanding of women’s societal, political and economic challenges, and raises awareness of early champions of gender equality in Albania. Moderator: Elsa Ballauri, Women’s Museum

‘Azizi’ movie by Luljeta Progni at Millenium Cinema on October 25th at 17:00 hours

Azizi’ movie by Luljeta Progni at Millenium Cinema on October 25th at 17:00 hours. The movie screening event organized by the German Embassy in Albania focused on the life histories of communist camp survivors in Albania.

The Book Club at Europe House, October 25th at 17:00 hours

The Book Club at Europe House is a new initiative for keen readers of European literature.
For our second meeting, the organizers have selected the book “Animal Farm” by George Orwell.
Moderator: Agim Baci

Manual on Active Citizenship and Youth Commitment, on October 26th at the National Youth Congress at 9:30 hours.
Critical Mass October, Friday, October 26 at Skanderbeg Square at 18:00 hours

Critical Mass cyclists will be back on the streets of Tirana on Friday evening. The ride, which takes place every last Friday of the month.
Get your bicycle ready!

Bicycles Auction, on October 27th at the Palace of Congresses at 10:00 hours

This event dedicated to bicycles will bring together people that are looking for a new bicycle or to repair their old bicycle for free.

Donate Hair, Give Hope! at Reja on October 27 at 10:30 hours.
This annual event aims at raising awareness on breast cancer and to offer support to all the women that are diagnosed with cancer.

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