EU Launches Project to Foster Innovation Ecosystem in Albania

EU Launches Project to Foster Innovation Ecosystem in Albania

TIRANA, February 27

“Innovation does not only blossom at MIT and in Silicon Valley, but it also happens where you put citizens at the center of the ecosystem.” Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Albania Luigi Soreca pointed this out during the speech he delivered on the launch of EU for Innovation project in Albania.

The €7.5 million project was launched by the EU, the German Embassy and the Embassy of Sweeden to Tirana. The project aims at strengthening the innovation ecosystem in Albania, to create an environment that attracts and cultivate talents and to support a number of Albanian startups to become successful. Besides the support for the innovation ecosystem, the project aims at strengthening the regulatory support.
The EU Ambassador highlighted that Albania needs a targeted regulatory environment that supports start-ups – for example through favorable tax terms for entrepreneurs and employees in start-ups.

EU for Innovation in Albania

“A highly skilled workforce is critical for a successful ecosystem. Universities, high schools, and other learning institutions should respond, and in fact anticipate, the needs and demands of business and the industry…Then, encouraging the spirit of innovation in a young person is not about telling them what to do. It is about empowering them to do what they love,” Ambassador Soreca stressed.
Calls for applications for Albanian startups are expected to open in April.

Photo Credit: EU in Albania

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