European Commission progress-report: Albanian economy is recovering

European Commission progress-report: Albanian economy is recovering

The European Union (EU) has evaluated the progress that Albania’s economy has made during this year and the performance of fiscal administration, especially that of customs. The progress-report for Albania highlights that the incomes have increased due to the high amount of taxes collected and of the good performance Customs Directory during their activity. The progress-report of European Commission (EC)  highlights some important achievements of the country in various aspects:

“Reforms are having their impact on the increase of incomes that come from taxes and customs,  in the decrease of evasion and fraud schemes of VAT. The economic and fiscal program for the 2014-2016 period provides support for the increase and macroeconomic stability and identifies the necessary structural reforms in some key fields, including the strengthening of the law enforcement, the improvement of business climate and investments.”

This report shows that Albania is moving forward according to reforms implicated already in many sectors, trying to improve the economic infrastructure for foreign investments. The report predicts that in a few years Albania will be able to compare with European Union’s countries about the government facilities provided for businesses and the economic standards.

News source: Ministry of EU Integration

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