EU Allocates €61.2 mln for Albania’s Economic Development and EU Integration

EU Allocates €61.2 mln for Albania’s Economic Development and EU Integration

TIRANA, April 5

Euro 61.2 million have been allocated by the European Union (EU) in support of the local economic development and EU integration under the 2017 Action Programme for Albania.
The EU fund will be divided into Euro 40 million in support to local economic development and sustainable and responsible tourism. The 2017 Action Programme will set and test a tourism-led local economic development model in pilot areas like Berat, Fier, Korca, and Shkodra.
Further on, the test model aims at enhancing Albania’s cultural attractiveness and improve the quality of tourism offers, infrastructure, and services.
In the meantime, Euro 6.6 million will be made available to improve the innovation eco-system and boost the creation of startups.
Meanwhile, the European Integration Facility will allocate Euro 14.6 million to assist Albanian institutions, civil society, and citizens towards EU membership.
This initiative will:

  • Target the alignment with EU legislation
  • Provide scholarship scheme to state administration staff
  • Support gender equality facility and civil society organizations
  • Enhance the independence of the public broadcaster and the quality of the public school of journalism
  • Strengthen the quality of journalism, media pluralism and promote freedom of expression
  • Provide support to the management of EU assistance

Source: EU Delegation

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