ERE Sets Solar and Wind Power Prices

TIRANA, August 2

Solar power produced by photovoltaic plants with an installed power capacity up to 2MW will be purchased by the Albanian government for a price of Euro 100 per Megawatt. The Energy Regulatory Entity (ERE) decided and approved the price that the Albanian government will pay for solar and wind power produced by private photovoltaic and Eolic plants.
According to the decision, the price for wind power is Euro 76 per MW and it will be implemented for all the Eolic plants with an installed capacity of three Megawatt.
During the last ten years, almost all the private investments in the energy sector focused on the construction of Hydro Power Plants (HPPs). But, an increased interest in photovoltaic and eolic plants was noticed during the last months.
Five projects proposals on the construction of photovoltaic plants in different regions of Albania have been submitted to the Ministry of Energy and Industry.
These and other projects will be scrutinized by the Ministry of Energy and if they meet the required criteria, the institution will okay the projects, thus paving the way for the construction of plants.
According to ERE’s verdict, the government will purchase energy with the defined prices for solar plants with an installed capacity of two MW and wind plants with an installed capacity of three MW.

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