Environmentalists Oppose Decisions on Protected Areas

Environmentalists Oppose Decisions on Protected Areas

TIRANA, January 31

Albanian authorities adopted last week a list of decisions regarding protected areas in Albania, seemingly in an attempt to address the recommendations of the latest European Commission report.
On their part, environmental NGO’s and representatives of scientific and academic institutions in Albania oppose two of the decisions adopted on January 26th following consultation with 25 local, regional and international organizations. Based on an official reaction issued during the weekend, the NGOs declare that two of the decisions decrease the surface of Wetland protected areas by 11 percent.
“Those decisions remove valuable habitats, pave the way for unsustainable developments in or near them, increase the negative impacts on the central areas of the Protected Areas, impoverish the habitats and species, affect the biological diversity of these areas and all of Albania,” the press release points out.
Moreover, it adds that the decisions aim to legitimize the destruction of Albania’s coastal and wetland protected areas by affecting Lake Shkodra, Buna-Velipoja ecosystem, the wetlands of Kune-Vain, Tale and Patok, the National Parks of Divjaka-Karavasta and Butrint, as well as the areas of Vjosa-Narta and Pishe-Poro.
According to the environmental specialists, those decisions hide unsustainable developments, such as urbanization, airports, intensive agriculture, habitats occupied by industrial parks of photovoltaic panels and wind turbines, etc.
Further on, the press release highlights that the decisions are illegal due to the fact that they carry numerous legal violations and consequently they will be challenged in court.
“In addition, the content of the decisions as well as the process will be appealed nearby the nature protection conventions where Albania is a signatory party,” says in the press release.

Source, Photo Credit: AOS


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