#EnjoyNatureAlbania: The Canyon of “Gryka e Shejes”

#EnjoyNatureAlbania: The Canyon of “Gryka e Shejes”

If you are thinking to visit a place where your friends have not been yet, we have an alternative for you. It is the Canyon of “Gryka e Shejes” in Bicaj village, a new destination for your weekend holidays in northeast of Albania.

The canyon is situated in the heart of Gjalica Mountain and is part of the Korab-Koritnik Natural Park and has a stunning panorama. It is situated in an altitude of 2100 meters above the sea level and is considered as one of the natural monuments in the northeast part of the country.


To reach this destination, you can go by walking or you can travel by horse. This canyon gets only visitors that love nature, hiking and trekking and of course the ones who are seeking for an exciting traveling adventure.

The Canyon of “Gryka e Shejes” is a very attractive natural oasis, a biodiversity of fauna and flora which shelters many unique species of animals and plants.


Photo credits: Griselda Palushi, skerdicengu / Wikimedia

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