Employment Rate Reaches New High of 58.2%

Employment Rate Reaches New High of 58.2%

TIRANA, March 12

The employment rate continued to reflect the positive growth trend during the entire 2017. According to the recent data issued by the Institute of Statistics, INSTAT, the employment rate in Albania by the end of 2017 was 58.2 percent. Year-to-year growth rate confirms a 2percent hike at a nationwide level.
The increasing trend can be attributed to the number of jobs created in the industry sector. About 4.5 percent more people were employed in this sector during the Fourth Quarter (Q4) of 2017.
The service sector reflected a positive trend during Q4 compared to Q3 while no change was noticed in the agriculture sector.
Compared to 2016 the employment rate in the service sector increased by 8.4 percent, in the industry sector it increased by 7.3 percent while in the agriculture sectors it decreased by 1.5 percent.
On the other hand, the unemployment rate decreased by 0.2 percent. Therefore, the official unemployment rate is not at 13.4 percent.

News Source: INSTAT

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