Ecotourism in Albania, New Destination to Explore

Ecotourism in Albania, New Destination to Explore

TIRANA, April 27

Ulza Eco Park is the newest destination for the fans of water sports and outdoor recreational activities. The park, a year-round destination is now part of the national tourism sites. Ulza is an area that combines natural beauty with the cultural and spiritual heritage. The park aims at promoting sustainable tourism as a source for rural development and economic empowerment of local communities. Ulza Park, about 40km away from Tirana, is located in Dibra region and it’s an emerging destination. The number of visitors in the small city by the lake created by the Hydro Power Plant Dam increased during the recent years. For more, look at the photos below.

Ulza Eco Park
Shkopeti Lake

Ulza eco park


Ulza Eco park

Photo Credit: B. Klosi

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