Dutch Airline Launches Low-Cost Flights from Amsterdam to TIA

TIRANA, May 11

The traditional water salute welcomed the arrival of the first Transavia plane from Amsterdam at Tirana International Airport (TIA) on Wednesday evening. As it was previously announced, the Dutch low-cost airline launched the scheduled flights between Tirana and Albania on May 10. The Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania announced the landing of the first plane and highlighted that it will continue to promote sustainable tourism between Albania and the Netherlands.
“Direct affordable flights will lead to more business, study, and tourism. Visiting a country ables you to get to know it and make friends,” Dutch ambassador Dewi van de Weerd said.
Transavia will flight from Tirana to Amsterdam three times a week
The new low-cost route will help to increase the number of Dutch tourists visiting Albania as well as to reduce flight expenses for Albanian citizens that travel to Europe and beyond. Flights can be booked starting at € 39 and at €95 for round trips.

News Source: Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania

Photo Credit: wiki commons