Dhermi Village Celebrates Honey Festival

Dhermi Village Celebrates Honey Festival


TIRANA, July 9

Mjalt’Fest, a culinary festival dedicated to honey was celebrated in the southern village of Dhermi during the weekend. Mjalt’Fest is one of the local festivals that will be organized during the summer season in Albanian villages with major potential for tourism as a sustainable development strategy. The honey fair took place in the newly constructed coastal promenade. Bio honey producers from Himara region showcased their products to Albanian and international tourists currently in the area. Several activities took place including the certification of honey varietals from the area.

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Minister of Tourism and Environment Blendi Klosi, who attended the event said that local festivals will continue along the entire coastline and they will focus on local products like fish, olive oil, wine, traditional sweets and spoon sweets, agricultural byproducts, and handicrafts.
In the meantime, Klosi asked for more commitments by local power authorities and businesses in order to meet all the expectations of tourists that choose to visit Albania.
“Himara like elsewhere in Albania is suffering a paradox of high demand on one hand and no accommodation facilities on the other,” Klosi said.

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News Source: ATA

Photo Credit: B. Klosi

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