Deutche Bank shows interest to invest in Albania

Deutche Bank shows interest to invest in Albania

Deutche Bank, one of the biggest banks not only in Germany but in the whole world, has shown interest in helping the country and for this it will organize the Albania-Germany Economic Forum. In this forum, Albania will be represented by Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Minister of Economy, Arben Ahmetaj.

The meeting will be held after two weeks in the headquarters of Deutche Bank in Berlin, with the presence of many German businessmen who are expected to present their potentials about investing in Albania.

Since Germany has been the biggest donor for Albania in the past 20 years, and since the German investments are the mostly desired, the Albanian government has given a special importance to the Economic Forum of Berlin, even because Deutche bank doesn’t have any activity yet in Albania.

This is a sign that Germany has decided to play a bigger role in Western Balkans, focused more in Albania’s opportunities. In line with this, Merkel will host a regional summit in which will be invited the Prime Ministers of Western Balkan countries. This forum is considered to be an important event for Albania, since it will intensify Tirana-Berlin relations, not only in the economic field.

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