Design for New Vlora Airport Project Unveiled

Design for New Vlora Airport Project Unveiled

TIRANA, January 22

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy (MIE) unveiled the images of the new airport project in Vlora in Akerni Area. During the last week, Albanian authorities announced that the consortium of the companies, Cengiz Construction, Kalyon Construction, and Kolin Construction submitted an official offer for Vlora Airport project.

Minister of MIE Damian Gjiknuri said that the institution decided to create the working group that is going to scrutinize the offer, the technical aspects, and other details. The construction of Vlora Airport would increase economic growth in the area and national level.
However, the first official reaction against the construction of the airport in Akerni area came from the Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA). According to the organization, Akerni are is located within Vjosa-Narta protected area.
“The news for the construction of a new airport is definitely a good news and welcomed by the majority to most of the public, even though the proposed location for the construction of this airport is inappropriate and harmful for the nature and high biodiversity of this area. Vjose-Narte represents one of the important areas regarding the high biodiversity values, especially for avifauna,” PNNEA official reaction says.
According to them, the construction violates the regulatory and legal norms for protected areas.

News Source: MIE

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