Customs and Trade Facilitation Project Launched

Customs and Trade Facilitation Project Launched

Single Window is the name of the newest project launched on Monday by the Albanian Custom Administration, which aims at improving the custom clearance procedures and other processes that facilitate trade. The General Director of Customs, Pranvera Fagu said that a series of processes and services will be concentrated in one window. According to Fagu, this project will help to improve quality control procedures and also reduce time and cost for custom clearance and for the administration management.

 The implementation of Single Window project is considered as one of the main initiatives taken by the Albanian Custom Administration in the last two years. It was made possible with the support of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). Said in plain words the project is based on an inter-institutional cooperation of informative systems that includes the National Food Agency, National Centre for Drug Control, National Business Centre, and the State Exports Control Authority.

“Single Window provides all the subjects involved in trade processes the chance to submit all the information and documents related to import, export, and transit of goods in a simple and more standardized way,” Fagu declared during the presentation of the project.

 News Source/ Photo Credit: ATA

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