Customs, 7 billion ALL more

Customs, 7 billion ALL more

The General Directory of Customs reported that for the first six months of the year they have collected 7.9 billion ALL more than compared to the same period of one year ago. 

Customs say that they have collected 69.29 billion ALL, or 12.9% more than the past year.

According to Customs there has been a significant increase during June, when the tax revenues have increased with 2.6 billion ALL more than one year ago, or with 24.9%.

Based on the announcement, last month has been characterized by a strong positive progress of excise goods, an element that according to the official data of the Ministry of Finances has had the lowest performance for the first five months.

According to Customs, the sensibilizing campaign of the past months, started by the General Directory of this Institution, in cooperation with Crown Agents, is giving results. Only in June there has been a visible growth of all goods that were subject of the excise tax, such as fuels, cigarettes, beer and coffee.

The new climate created with the business community, the easier customs procedure and various informing campaigns undertaken during this month have brought a growing trend.

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